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Tia from Carmel College and Reece from AITC attended the meeting of the 23rd Feb. They gave a lively presentation of their experience at 2020 RYTS, including showing up Clive in a rendition of the camp theme dance. Photo showing John Simpson giving them a little gift for their efforts. 

Crime Stoppers Brisbane Bayside

On Tuesday evening our guest speaker was Robert Plummer, President of the local chapter of Crimne Stoppers, together with his wife and the Treasurer, Kay Plummer.  Some of the statistics of crime are mind-boggling, but the Brisbane Bayside group are working hard to make a difference in our community.  When thinking about reporting a crime, we need to think in terms of level of emergency - Urgent call 000; non-urgent call Police Link 131 444 or report online and you will need to identify yourself; want to make an anonymous report? Call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

The local group are working with Rotary clubs and other groups to work more closely with the local community - you may see them in our ranks at events in the future.

New $5 Coin Celebrates 100 Years of Rotary in Australia

Centenary of Rotary in Australia
In 2021, Rotary marks a centenary of proud community service across Australia. To commemorate the milestone the Royal Australian Mint has produced this elegant silver proof coin. The coin honours the big hearts of the 30,000 Rotary members and 1100 plus clubs across the country, which run programs such as youth exchanges, fundraise for bushfire recovery and bring life changing surgery to the Asia Pacific region.
Available now:

Club activities update

Thanks to a 3 day lockdown in January, Tuesday was our first face to face meeting for this half of the year. A great night was had at Quysine Restaurant, with 50 members, partners and friends in attendance.  Photos are now uploaded into the Photo Gallery.

A busy time as has been reported in the Redlander - a few photos are in the Gallery Under Club Events and Australia Day 2021. Again, many thanks to the many volunteers who have assisted in the recent weeks.

Boxing Day BBQ at Bunnings


Rotary International President Elect Shekhar Mehta Announces Theme for 2021-22

Incoming Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta urged members to become more involved in service projects, saying that caring for and serving others is the best way to live because it changes not only other people’s lives, but also our own.

  Mehta, a member of the Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengal, India, revealed the 2021-22 presidential theme, Serve to Change Lives, to incoming district governors on 1 February during the Rotary International Assembly. The assembly, a yearly training event for district governors-elect, was originally set to take place in Orlando, Florida, USA, but was held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mehta spoke about how participating in service projects through Rotary changed him as a person and made him empathize more with the needs of others. Soon after joining his club, he helped carry out projects that benefited rural communities in India.

Some of the poor conditions he saw in those communities strengthened his commitment to service. “I truly understood the plight of my brethren,” he said.

Mehta participated in initiatives that brought artificial limbs to children, clean water and sanitation to homes, and better health care facilities to communities.

“Rotary kindled the spark within me to look beyond myself and embrace humanity,” he said. “Service became a way of life for me and I, like many others, adopted the guiding philosophy that ‘Service is the rent I pay for the space I occupy on this earth, and I want to be a good tenant of this earth.’”

Watch Shekhar announce his Theme for 2021-22


Roturtle has a fresh look for 2021!

Greetings to all for 2021. On my COVID-safe exercise walk yesterday I noticed Roturtle looking much fresher than he has been lately. For those who are more recent members - check him out at Cleveland Point - a project of the Rotary Club of Cleveland about 8 years ago, with a time capsule buried there too.

Due to the current lockdowns, we are reverting to Zoom meetings - please see the meeting announcements for the Zoom login. For updates on the latest restrictions please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (

Boxing Day at Bunnings

The morning crew, Robin, David, Ian, Jan and John working on the last BBQ for the year at Bunnings. There were three shifts, with Redlands Bayside Rotary Club taking the 10-1 shift and Cleveland morning and afternoon. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their family time to work on the Bunnings BBQ.

Christmas on the Coast 2020

Lots of fun and some hard work for the wonderful volunteers who put their hands up to help on the BBQ and the gates at Christmas on the Coast, Raby Bay Park 16th-20th December.  We had thousands through the gates, so many young families out enjoying themselves, excellent entertainment and of course Santa there each night.

Bob Wearne relished the end of his shift!  The BBQ sold 384 sausages on Friday night, and I beleive over 500 on Saturday night. Extra COVID checks Saturday and Sunday night challenged a little at the gates, but overall a wonderful event - thank you so much to all involved.

Lots of photos in the Photo Gallery


Christmas Party at Straddie

Windblown but happy - about 25 members and partners crossed the bay to Little Ships Club this morning, to share a meal and some cheer for the club Christmas Party. Good meal, good company and a stiff breeze to keep the heat down. what more could we want, living in this beautiful part of the world. Great choice for venue John - a good time was had by all. More Photos in the Photo Gallery



Substation 33 and DIK visit

Last Tuesday’s meeting of the Cleveland Rotary Club was an excursion to visit DIK and Substation 33 both situated in Mary St, Kingston.  The group consisted of about 20 club members plus many interested partners.  For those who have never visited DIK before it was an eyeopener. As we were being shown around there was much discussion about where donations come from, how they get sorted, the many people involved in running DIK and the processes involved in having these donations reach their target.   Thank you to Albert for organizing this visit.

Our visit to Substation 33 started with a barbecue dinner followed by visitors being broken into four groups to be shown around the workings of Substation 33.  The range of activities being undertaken was broad and certainly opened the eyes of those who visited, about the possibilities open for the future of recycling e waste.  The social impact Substation 33 has on the local community and the connections with the wider community were illustrated and gave much cause for thought.  Thank you to the wonderful cooking team, to Gavin and Bob for organizing and to the Substation 33 staff for their time.

 A very informative night all round.


Rotary Foundation thanks Major Donors Albert & Alison Benfer

DG Patrice Robinson made her official visit to Cleveland Rotary on Tuesday evening, presenting PP Albert Benfer with a crystal and diamind pins for himself and Alison, to thank them for becoming Major Donors Level 2 of the Rotary Foundation. A small token in Foundation Month as recognition of the generosity of Albert and Alison to the work of the Rotary Foundation in all areas of the world. As we all know, Albert has a passion for helping the less fortunate in Papua New Guinea, and is currently filling a container to be shipped to Kiunga, up the Fly River area, to assist the people in the missions there. Please check the Wish Lists sent out by John Lipman last week, and come and help pack at DIK on December 5th.

Pres. John presents DG Patrice with her thank you gift - a 1956 Rotary Song Book, and Rotary luggage tags, in keeping with his theme of 'different' speaker gifts this year. DG Patrice spoke about the changes made by all clubs  this year, and need for change as we move forward, supported by a video of RI Pres. Holger Knaack. 

See the Photo Gallery for photos taken on Tuesday night.


Breakfasts are better now!

Pres. John and PP Ross Pollock admiring our new toaster - we can now serve toasted muffins with our legendary breakfasts! Redland City Council Depot staff recommend our services! We also served breakfast at the Redlands  City Chamber of Commerce Breakfast on Wednesday morning at the Redlands Research facility. Huge thanks to the leadership and drive of our Pres. John - we are really getting out and about, meeting so many new people in the community. And thanks to our volunteers who rise and shine early to prepare, cook and serve breakfast with a smile.

Please click below for the feedback.


Our Newest Member

A big welcome to Hannah Dodds, inducted on Tuesday night as a member of the club. Hannah has considerable Rotary experience as a past member of Planetarium Club in D9600, and family history of participation in Rotary. Hannah is involved in the real estate industry, is a mother of 2, and very keen to get busy with the Community Services Committee. Welcome to the Mighty Club Hannah! Note - our average age is dropping!


Helping our Disaffected Youth

Mons. John Butler, founder of Vitae, an organisation which mentors and supports young males in the 11-13 age group who have become disillusioned with and disruptive in their lives at home and at school. In January 2018, the organisation changed from dealing with older youth, to working with younger boys, by introducing the Vitae Challenge.

Vitae’s concern over the incidence among Australian youth of anti-social behaviour, violence, crime, substance abuse and suicide has led to the creation of Vitae Challenge.

Vitae Challenge is a program over one year. It consists of two Phases – the Bush Phase and the Mateship Phase – and is open to any male youth, 11 - 13 years of age, exhibiting tendencies to the behaviour described above.

Each youth who nominates for the Vitae Challenge must commit to participate fully in both the Bush Phase and the Mateship Phase."

Check out their website - the statements above are copied from their website.


World Polio Day on 24th October was celebrated in Brisbane with the three Rotary Districts - 9600, 9630 and 9640 joining forces to ride the train network from Gympie to Varsity Lakes, Cleveland and Rosewood in one day, on Friday 23rd. Elwyn Hodges and Shirley Mahon joined the train for the afternoon - see detailed report in this week's Redlander. On Saturday Elwyn, Shirley and Luis joined the Walk for Polio from the Casino, accompanied by the Fijiian drumming band.  See Photo Gallery for more snapshots of these events.



Black Dog Ride

Pres. John and his team ready to head off on the Black Dog Ride - Robert Wesener, Cynthia and Robin Archer, David Furness, John Lipman and friends leave the Cleveland Showgrounds to support the 2020 riders.

See Photo Gallery for photos downloaded from Facebook along the way.

Bowls Night

Our monthly social meeting was Social Bowls at Redlands Sporting Club last Tuesday night. Patient members of the Bowls Club guided relaxing Rotarians and their partners to a night of bowls, Cleveland Rotary style.  Nothing too serious in our lane, although some were perhaps a little more competitive in other lanes. Lots of fun and laughter, drinks and good food, and a little bowling exercise thrown in. Many thanks to the long suffering gentlemen who tried to teach us the finer points of lawn bowls!!  See Photo Gallery for more snapshots.


Trailer raffle drawn

A small group gathered at the shed this morning, with scrutineer from Capalaba Rotary Club, David Field, to draw the raffle. The draw was conducted electronically. The winners, who have all been contacted  are: 

First Prize: Ticket number 5542 Robin - Trailer with cage, filled with garden care essentials. Value $4,000.00 (Also won the Bonus prize for $10 book buyer)

Second prize: Ticket number 7340 Lorette - Family Paradise on Tamborine holiday. Value $1,000.00

Third prize: Ticket number 4652 Olga - Capalaba Nursery voucher. Value $500.00

Many thanks to all who donated goods, including the trailer, sold tickets, spent hours at shopping centres and the markets selling tickets, the Redland Museum who allowed us to sell tickets at their events (2nd & 3rd prize winners bought their tickets at the Museum).  Also of course, many thanks to the thousands of people who bought tickets - without your support our project would have not been such a success. Final details will be available soon - but an enormous effort and great result. 

Kiunga, PNG

Anore, of Kiunga, showing off clothes made in the village sewing room, created from a container, using sewing machines sent previously - possibly in that container.  Great use is made of equipment we send to PNG, and another Wish List has been received from Bishop Gilles. The photo below is Margaret, who is deaf & mute, but can lip read very well, and has learnt to sew since the sewing machines were donated to her village. Thanks to Albert for his ongoing support for these communities in PNG.


International work continues, despite COVID-19

Another container packed for shipping to Lae PNG. 149 school desks, 170 chairs, books, medical items, books, reading glasses, tools just to mention some of the items in the container. Cleveland Rotary has already completely furnished a school for over two hundred disadvantaged children with desks, chairs, books, library shelving plus other items. Many thanks to John Lipman, Clive Shepherd, Helen Dundon, Anna and David Bray. These items will go to schools in other areas outside Lae in Morobe Province.

Newest Cleveland Rotarian

Last night Pres. John welcomed Rotarian Helen Dundon as a member of the Rotary Club of Cleveland. As most members are aware, Helen has been coming for the last 3 years as a representative of Corporate Member Howe, Ford & Boxer, but has now joined as an individual member. Helen's ongoing support during the last 3 years with club activities, including going to Vanuatu with the team in January 2020, makes her a very valuable member of the club.  Welcome Helen!!

As a little background - Helen has had good grounding in the Rotary Club of Cleveland, being a member of the Benfer family, coming to Rotary events as a child with her father and grandfather, and as a host sister to our PP Luis when he was here as an exchange student from Brazil.

Business Breakfast with Steve Baxter

So satisfying to be working together with the Redland City Chamber of Commerce, organizing these Business Breakfasts, bringing our local business communiyt together. A good turnout of members and a presentation by PP Luis about Rotary contributed to the morning.  Please see the Photo gallery for a few photos from members in attendance.

BBQ fun in the community

The team John, Gerry, Lyn, Steve & Shirley serving lunch to staff members of Redland City Water Department - missing from the photo are champion cooks Jan Kilbourne and Ian Crane. Hi praise received from the approx 30 staff members who eagerly ate every hamburger and sausage provided.

Spring Garden Trailer Raffle - almost done!

In all our selling we keep in mind COVID-19 warnings and the health of our members, so your support in promoting the online sales is very important to the success of the project.  We need YOUR Help now - please see the roster in Events and Notices below, choose a date or two where you or your partner can help by selling tickets. We only have 2 slots available for you to fill - both at Capalaba Park Shopping Centre - the busiest shopping centre in the Redlands, so we are hoping for good sales there.


Strength in Diversity

In a world where intolerance and violence fueled by religious differences are seemingly increasing, one Rotary club in Indonesia is showing how diversity can help prevent a pandemic threat.


94 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 1 - 25