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Safety in the Workplace

In a presentation that was very difficult to condense to the time limit, Rotarian Mike Sudmalis spoke about Safety in our lives, and in particular how large corporations such as the Oil and Gas Industry deal with it. A particular episode, the Piper Alpha explosion in 1988  in the North Sea oilfields was used as an  illustration. See the link in your own time and remind yourself of the need for vigilance and preparedness for safety at all times and all levels.

Yu-Min Sun Reflects on a life-changing experience

In her Member's Corner last night, Yu-Min Sun reflected on a journey taken last year with students from Cleveland District State High School, and how this particular journey changed her outlook on life.

Challenging the Future for Service Clubs

Mark Huddleston is a Rotarian mover and shaker who is keenly interested in shaping the future of the member clubs of Rotary International.  A leader who puts into practice what he proposes, this little book is a valuable read for all, but especially those who are leaders and aspiring leaders of Rotary Clubs.


Environmental and Waste Management in the Redlands

Craig Duncan, Education Officer for Redland City Council Waste Management department taught us a lot of the finer points of avoiding, reducing and recycling our household waste. I am sure we all learnt a few lessons!  Clive Shepherd, Chairman for the night thanked Craig for his informative talk.  Great to see Cr. Peter Mitchell join us as well on the evening.

PP Robert Wesener joins Cleveland

President Ian Neil and PDG Margaret Hayes welcome PP Robert Wesener as the newest member of our club. Welcome Robert, your depth of experience in Rotary will be a great asset to Cleveland.

Dan Holzapfel - Redland Citizen of the Year 2018

Congratulations Dan! We are so proud to know you have received this honour tonight at the Redland City Australia Day Awards. Such a well deserved award for a lifetime of service to the community. Check out the story from the Redland City Bulletin Online edition.

Geoffrey Gray - Paul Harris Fellow

Congratulations to Geoff Gray! President Ian Neil presented Geoff with a PHF last night at our first meeting for 2018. A great way to start the new year, with so many partners joining us at the Grand view for our traditional chicken and prawn night.  Geoff works tirelessly for the club, mainly in organising the barbecue projects, but also provides great support in many areas, always with a smile, friendly word and cheeky comment to help brighten everyones day. Our current Tong Master and more recently dubbed Mr Shed - we congratulate you on such a well deserved award.

Rotary’s Commitment to Creating a Healthier World 

Around the world, 400 million people can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care, which can result in pain, poverty, and misery. That’s why Rotary members are devoted to fighting and preventing diseases. From offering temporary clinics, blood donation centers, and training facilities in underserved communities to designing and building infrastructure to allow doctors, patients, and governments to work together, Rotary members take on efforts both large and small.


2018 Rotary Convention - time to plan a visit to Toronto, Canada

A tour of Rotary's 2018 Convention city reveals one common thread: a welcoming spirit. Visitors to Toronto will also find world class museums, restaurants, shopping, and attractions, like the CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.  Register before 15 December to save on Convention fees.


Rotary works to remove the scourge of Polio

The campaign to end the scourge of poliomyelitis continues - join Rotary in helping to eradicate this disease.  Watch this short video to see what your contribution to Rotary achieves.


Strength in Diversity

In a world where intolerance and violence fueled by religious differences are seemingly increasing, one Rotary club in Indonesia is showing how diversity can help prevent a pandemic threat.


District 9630 Conference 2018

Redlands Performing Arts Centre will be the venue for the 2018 District 9630 Conference - March 9-11 2018


What does it mean to practice peace?

Nations observe 21 September as International Day of Peace, a “day of global ceasefire and nonviolence.” Rotary’s commitment to building peace and resolving conflict is rooted in the Rotary Peace Centers, which yearly prepare up to 100 fellows to work for peace through a two-year master’s degree program or a three-month certificate program at partner universities worldwide.

Topics: peace,  fellowship