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ESRAG and Water and Sanitation in Cambodia

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An amazing effort by one man and his family, to have worked in one village to provide clean drinking water for the community, provide each family with a toilet and thereby increase the health and well being of the community both physically and economically. Materials used are sourced locally, local people do the work with Darrel, and when the toilets are installed in a family's yard, they are expected to contribute to help pay for the facility. In Australian dollars - it costs $350 to supply & install a water pump for the community, $650 to supply & install a toilet. Darrel is a member of the Melbourne Passport Rotary Club, and the works are all done with sustainability in mind in accordance with the ideals of Rotary - a help up not a hand out.  Days for Girls is also involved, and the levels of education for women and girls is also increasing as a result.

Another interesting and informative meeting.

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