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Container arrives in Kiunga

The following email was also received from Bishop Gilles, thanking Albert and Rotary for the other goods in the container.

“Let me tell you that you made many people happy this week with the arrival of the container and all its good.

You should have seen the smile on Cosmas face. Thank you for your generosity to assist him. This surely is for a good cause.

 The container is almost empty now. We will divide the balls and send some to the different parishes for their youth games. The book for the secondary school are already at the school and Doris took some for the library.

 Soon we will go through the linen.

Albert says - I just want to share the satisfaction one gets from the DIK projects.

Doris, the local who has taken over from Sr Pierette is a truly remarkable lady who will sort the books and get them to the best place. Thanks for your help. 

Rotarians and friends with a passion to assist in sorting and distributing donated goods for Donations in Kind can go to 23 Mary Street, Kingston on Thursday mornings and assist in sorting and packing goods with like minded people.

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