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Have you made the decision?

Have you thought about the opportunity to help others through organ and tissue donation?

Well we were all challenged to do just that by Alana Cresswell and David Clune of DonateLife.  This is the public face of the Australian Government Organ and Tissue Authority.

Organ and tissue transplantation is no longer experimental - our Australian surgeons are increadibly skilled.  Age is not necessarily a barrier to organ and tissue donations up to the age of 90 years, though it is a factor in the assessment of the viability of potential organs and tissues.

Transplantation is life changing - sad for some and joyous for others. Even in sadness there is the joy that comes from having done something good for others.

The key is the conversation that you have with your family now while you are alive.  You can prepare the way by registering to be an organ donor.  You can do that here -

You need to prepare the way by having an all important conversation with your family. And here's why:

It is vitally important that you share your wishes with your loved ones, and that you know what their wishes are to. In Australia, and only at the end of life, family members are always asked to confirm the donation decision. Nine in ten families will confirm the donation decision when they know that their loved one is a registered organ donor.

This is a personal decision for each individual, but one that can do so much for others. Check out the opportunity today and make your decision.

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