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Business Breakfast - From little things big things grow

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What an inspirational morning with three business leaders explaining how they have been there done that. Photographed above are Moderator & Rotarian Tim Davis, with Scott Geiszler - Founder of Pizza Capers, Tanya Winter - Founder of Studio Pilates, Andrew McMaster - Founder & CEO of CV Services, and MC, PP Ron Loney. So much to learn from these three, who like many in the room started with an idea and built amazing businesses by sheer hard work, learning from others, listening to experience, having the courage to follow their dreams, build their teams - and more hard work. As Scott said at one stage - he always planned to retire at 35, he was 1 year late at 36, but after a while of doing nothing, he is now building another business. The message that came through loud and clear - they are not special, anyone can do it if you apply the right principles, believe in yourself and work hard.

Many thanks to our Vocational Services committee for putting this event together, the last of our series of Business and Marketing breakfasts for 2018.  The first for 2019 is already in the planning stages - watch this space.

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