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Redlands Coast

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Honorary Member, Mayor Karen Williams addressed the meeting this evening, updating us on the Redlands Coast initiative and it's expected benefits for the community, particularly in relation to tourism. Two magnificent videos illustrated for  members the beauty of the Redlands Coast region and Stradbroke Island in particular. Whilst quite a few of us had been sceptical about the new branding, the videos certainly reinforced the relevance of looking at our region and its coastal attributes, rather than just our city and the urban development.

Karen also gave us an overview of work the Redland City Council is doing in relation to that big bugbear for most residents - transport infrastructure, as well as education and medical facilities, particularly hospital needs. Our ageing community has increasing needs and it is the responsibility of the council to ensure that other levels of government allow for that changing demographic in their planning for the future. As our city grows at such a rapid pace, there is an ever greater need for more infrastructure in many areas, and the Council is working closely with State and Federal governments in efforts to ensure that this improves. Of course the future of Stradbroke Island was also high on the agenda, with the ending of sand mining next year.

An interesting and informative overview of the state of our city. As Jan said in her thanks to Karen - we are all proud to be Redlanders!!! 

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