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Challenging the Future for Service Clubs

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Mark Huddleston is a Rotarian mover and shaker who is keenly interested in shaping the future of the member clubs of Rotary International.  A leader who puts into practice what he proposes, this little book is a valuable read for all, but especially those who are leaders and aspiring leaders of Rotary Clubs.

Mark says:

"I've spent the last ten years of my Rotary journey as an agitator for innovation and positive membership outcomes. If you're fair dinkum about membership, this is the book for you. 

In Creatures of Habit I explain how yesterday's actions brought about today's membership predicament, and why today's response is so important for Rotary's future. I'll also discuss how to overcome the recruitment barriers we put in place, and will point out the biggest and most counterproductive mistake clubs make when facing membership decline. 

Make no mistake: new members are out there just waiting to join the right version of Rotary.

Creatures of Habit shares every membership tip I've picked up along the way, and explains how we can deliver the right message to the right audience and plot a path to recovery."

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