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Rotary’s Commitment to Creating a Healthier World 


Rotary’s Commitment to Creating a Healthier World 

Around the world, 400 million people can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care, which can result in pain, poverty, and misery. That’s why Rotary members are devoted to fighting and preventing diseases. From offering temporary clinics, blood donation centers, and training facilities in underserved communities to designing and building infrastructure to allow doctors, patients, and governments to work together, Rotary members take on efforts both large and small.

In December, Rotary’s Disease Prevention and Treatment Month, you can take action to fight disease in your community:

§  Support health education programs that explain how diseases spread and how to reduce the risk of transmission

§  Partner with medical institutions or ministries of health to immunize people against infectious diseases

§  Support continuing education and training for health workers through scholarships or stipends or simply by recognizing existing training efforts

§  Improve and expand access to affordable health care in underserved areas

Check Rotary Showcase for projects that other Rotary members have taken on in their communities.

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