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Recycling Futures


Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULABs)

The Rotary Club of Cleveland is currently undertaking the collection of used lead acid batteries (ULABs) as a means of fundraising.

These batteries can include used car and truck batteries or batteries out of lawn mowers, tractors, boats, motor bikes and golf buggies, so long as they contain lead (ie. not alkaline, nickel metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries).

Money raised from the sale of ULABs is then channelled back into the Redlands community to support groups in need of financial assistance in these challenging times.

We are happy to arrange for collection of batteries.

You can phone Geoff Gray (0418 713 574) or Bob Neich (0429 438 128)

Your support will help make a difference for others in need. 

Youth Service Month - the first 2 weeks

Two weeks into one of the most important and inspirational months in the Rotary calendar. Apologies to Kim for not having a photograph of her in the lovely dress she wore to talk to us about her life in Vietnam, and how she is adapting to life in Cleveland.  What an amazing life she has had - check out the Redlander for further details.

This week we had two very different, but equally inspiring stories from Year 12 Students at Carmel College and Cleveland District State High School. What amazing young people we have to take on the world as we take the steps into retirement. Congratulations to all and I look forward to hearing more over the next two weeks.


100 Trees for 100 Years

Mike & Narelle Sudmalis, with Matthew & Luke, helping to plant trees in Linear Park opposite the Grand View Hotel this morning. 100 Trees and smaller plants, provided by Indigiscapes Nursery, were planting as directed by Redland City Council staff. Lots of weeding too. Very successful morning working bee, with delicious Devonshire tea provided by Robin Archer to follow. See pictures in Photo Gallery.


Youth Month - Week 3 - The Great Debate

It's one thing to debate in front of your peers at school - another thing entirely to debate another school in front of a room full of Rotarians.  Congratulations to the teams of Year 9 & Year 10 debaters from Cleveland District State High School and Alexandra Hills State High School. The topic was - Social media is destroying our social life.  Both teams put forward excellent cases, so good that the judges - Ian Neil and Samantha Beattie could not agree on the result - and it was declared a draw. Some very interesting facts emerged in the course of the debate, but the result is - I have looked less at Facebook this week!!!!  Check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures of our debaters and our new member Barry Hunt.


Youth Month - Week 4

Charles Fairbairn and Samatha Beattie told us about how they had benefitted from their scholarships, provided by our club to assist them in their final years at high school. Once more, two very inspirational young people who are making the most of the opportunities they have to get the best education available, and make a lasting contribution to their worlds. Charles is in Year 12 at Cleveland District State High School, specialising in sciences, and Samantha finished last year at Alexandra Hills State High School, now at University of Queensland study a wide range of subjects as she embarks on her tertiary education. We will see more of these two young people in the future.


R100 Opening

Over 80 people attended the opening of the R100 Exhibition at Redland Museum yesterday. Cleveland began the day at Roturtle, and PP Gordon Davidson had the pleasuire of carrying the baton in a 1937 Morris, leading a cavalcade of cars from Cleveland Point to the Museum, arriving in time for a look at the Exhibition before the Opening ceremony. The cake, donated by Albert Benfer, was cut by Frank Thompson (91) a Past President of the oldest club, Wynnum & Manly, and Matthew Knight, current President of the youngest club, Wellington Point. For those who did not attend, the exhibition is open until the end of June - make sure you take the time to visit and enjoy. All 6 clubs were congratulated by DG Patrice and Mayor Karen for the breadth and depth of the stories their displays tell.  Photos in the Photo Gallery


Noel Whitaker visits

It was pleasing to see a room full of members and guests on Tuesday night. Financial guru Noel Whitaker gave us some interesting information about finances, plenty of food for thought.  Pres. John Simpson presented Noel with a Certificate for Community Service, recognising the many years of service Noel has given to our club, as keynote speaker at business breakfasts and dinners, donating his books for us to sell to raise funds etc.. We also donated $100 to be given to his charity of choice.  Raffle draws saw several of Noel's books going home with delighted members and guests. A link to Noel's newsletter below - this covers a lot of the topics Noel covered on Tuesday evening.


Meet the Robots

Our meeting on Tuesday night was fascinating - particularly for the engineers in the group!! Yr 10 Robotics students at Cleveland High took us to their lab and demonstrated the skills required to code and get various forms of robotos to follow instructions. Thanks to their teacher Nick, who explained the various types of robots available, and then the students took over in small groups.  See the Photo Gallery for more photos.

R100 - People of Action talk

A small but interested group were at the Redland Museum on Thursday morning to hear about the Actions of the Rotary Club of Cleveland in the past, present and plans for moving into the futrure.  Considerable discussion at the conclusion of the talks by Ron Loney, David Furness, Shirley Mahon and Gavin Becker. Thanks to Redland Museum for hosting this final talk to support the exhibition. Make sure you get to see the displays before it closes on Wednesday.

D9630 Rotarian of the Year

On Saturday PDG Elwyn Hodges was named as Rotarian of the year, by District Governor Patrice Robinson at the District Changeover. Pres. Robert Wesener was named Rotarian of the Year in 1999 by PDG Mel Langley. A coincidence that the first and last Rotarian of the Year for District 9630 are both now members of the Rotary Club of Cleveland. Congratulations to you both.

135 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 126 - 135