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A nurses Plea

BREAKING: A TERRIFIED American nurse just got home from a Coronavirus shift, and quickly made a video to warn America about what she just saw. This is RED ALERT, folks!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Monday, March 30, 2020

World Immunization Week is Coming

World Immunization Week is Coming

As scientists work to find a vaccine for the new coronavirus, we can do our part to keep our communities healthy by helping Rotary spread the word about the importance of vaccinations during World Immunization Week, 24-30 April 2020



There are many people keeping our society going as best they can during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, truck drivers, supermarket staff, bakers, restauranteurs/takeways, mechanics, tradies such as plumbers, electricians, delivery drivers... many many more that I have not listed. 

Also the people who are caring for others, neighbours, friends and family. Many require help, many offering help. Please keep all of these "angels" in your thoughts as you spend your time at home, keeping safe from the virus. Remember physical distancing and smile and say hello when you pass someone else when you are out for exercise - you may be the first person they have spoken with that day!  If you are in a position to help, please do so, if you need help, please let us know.


ANZAC Day is very different this year. We will not be erecting tents and attending the Dawn Service, however we can still pay our respects. Join the thousands of others at dawn who will be standing at the end of their driveways, on their balconys, candle or poppy in hand, then over a quiet coffee, tea or ale, listen to PP Col Sutccliffe at 9am or 4pm for an ANZAC Service.







An Australian-made ventilator that costs a tenth of the price of existing models has been brought to life in just four weeks.

The OzVader ventilator is the result of a partnership between engineers, Brisbane-based manufacturing company Olitek, intensive care specialists and the Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF) at the

Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Picture and information courtesy of the ABC News Facebook page

As the world responds to COVID-19 we must remember the children who miss out on life-saving vaccines that prevent dangerous diseases like polio and measles. This World Immunization Week join with Rotary International in the fight to #EndPolio because #VaccinesWork.

As most Cleveland members are aware, I am passionate about eradicating Polio. In the midst of the current pandemic, we must not forget to continue to work towards eradication. Photo and information above courtesy of

End Polio Now 

Bowelscan - Its Poo Week!

Have you done your bowel scan test this year?  Make sure you take the opportunity - available until 30th June 2020. Checking out the Bowelscan website - the following statistics are highlighted:

90% of bowel cancers are successfully treated if found early, but fewer than 40% are detected early.

This year 17,004 Australians will be told they have bowel cancer with 1,313 under the age of 50.

Last year our simple bowel cancer kit saved the lives of 240 Queenslanders.

Check out the full information -  #BowelscanQLD - and buy your kit NOW!

Check out the interviews on Facebook -

YEP Presentations

Another inspirational meeting to celebrate Youth Month. Thanks must go to Anna for organising it all, Theri for creating the segment and interviewing the past inbound and outbound students. Well done Theri!


Our club has benefitted from hosting and sponsoring lots of Youth Exchange students over the years. If anyone has records, photos, contact details etc. of past students, please let Ishbel or Anna know as we would really love to have a record of our past inbound and outbound students, and reconnect where possible.



Meet You in Paris 2020

Do you have a bicycle? Do you ride for exercise? How about joining Gavin, Gerry, Peter, John & Luis on a virtual ride to Paris, raising funds for the Sarz Foundation.  Further information contact Gavin, and get those pedals turning. Don't ride? then how about supporting one of those who are riding with a donation.

Rotary International Virtual Convention Launches

With restriction imposed due to COVID-19, the Rotary International Convention in Honolulu was cancelled, however, Rotary didn't let that stop them and subsequently revamped the physical Convention to a virtual one. The Rotary International Virtual Convention kicked off with two General Sessions on 20 and 21 June 2020. The virtual Convention has allowed Rotarians and friends from around the world to connect in the virtual space

Celebrate our connection with speeches from Rotary International President Mark Maloney, Convention Chair Celia Giay, Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, Foundation Trustee Chair-elect K.R. Ravindran, and  Foundation Trustee Chair Gary C.K. Huang.

Relive the openning sessions and learn more about how Rotary is connecting the world through the vitual medium.


Rotary International Virtual Convention 2020 - Breakout Sessions

Featured Breakouts

Rarely are we all able to take part or listen to the breakout sessions at an International Convention. As they have are all being recorded, all rotarians can now listen to what is happening in all parts of the world, how people are reinvigorating Rotary, projects and programs that have been successful, and hear the experiences good and bad of changes that are happening. Times are changing, and so must Rotary - including our club! Some very interesting, inspiring sessions on the changing world of Rotary, and how we recruit and retain members in this changing world.

Virtual breakout session files, such as PowerPoint slides and handouts, can be accessed through Rotary’s Learning Center.

Using Virtual Tools to Engage Members

Embracing a few best practices for engaging with participants in the virtual world will inspire you to create experiences that are memorable and meaningful.

Engaging Rotary Alumni

Discuss how to better engage Rotary alumni.

Greening Rotary Events: Be Plastic-free, Offset Carbon, and More!

Learn the best practice of going plastic free and offsetting your carbon emissions.

Grow Rotary Through New Club Types

Learn about new club models, processes for starting new clubs, and the factors underpinning success.


Recycling Futures

How can you be part of Recycling Futures?

By using your extensive networks to assist us in accessing Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB’s).

 If you have a friend, business associate or family member involved in a service station, mechanical workshop, marine centre, mower repairs, transport, farm machinery, engineering, etc. are you able to approach them to see what they do with their ULAB’s and ask if they would be prepared to donate them to Rotary as part of our fund raising to support our community. Alternatively, Bob is happy to go with you to meet and explain the benefits of donating ULAB’s to Rotary.

See the full letter from Pres. John in the next screen.  

While you are thinking of recycling, don't forget to take your bottles, cans etc. to Containers for Change - give them our details Rotary Club of Cleveland C10216475 and the funds will be put straight into the club account.



Changeover 2020

Congratulations to PP Luis and Luciana for a wonderful year 2019-2020 - with many difficulties along the way, not the least having the last 14 weeks without a face to face meeting due to COVID-19. In true Mighty Club style, we quickly moved to Zoom meetings, and wherever possible the work of the club continued, with plans for the future set in place. Photo from 2019 Changeover

A huge welcome to Pres. John Simpson - a first for Cleveland - John was President 2001-2002, and has big plans for Cleveland in the next year. Some were outlined last night and in the Redlander, with Pres. John asking for input from all members. An exciting new year ahead.


Christmas in July Weekend

Welcome to 2020-2021 President John Simpson and Gayle, pictured here with Roy Parker at our Christmas in July dinner at Noosa Caravan Park, Tewantin on Saturday evening. Terrific weekend for the 52 members, family and friends who gathered, supporting local restaurants on Friday night, some barbecued at the park, many went for drives in the hinterland on Saturday. Much fun was had by all - emphasising our commitment to the focus of our year ahead. Check out the Photo Gallery for more photos from the weekend.


20 Years of Disaster Relief

ShelterBox was founded in the small town of Helston, Cornwall UK, by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard.

We hope you'll join us in celebrating 20 years of ShelterBox.

We've come a long way since our humble beginnings as a Rotary club project to grow to be a partner with Rotary International and a world leader in emergency shelter provision. None of this would have been possible without the help of supporters like you.

With six current deployments in places like Vanuatu and Tanzania, evaluations underway in Burkina Faso and Somaliland and operations planning in Nigeria and India, we're as busy as ever. The COVID-19 crisis has added another level of difficulty, but we're determined to continue our important work.

Shelter saves lives.


From Israel to Brisbane

Maya Glassman, our University of Queensland Peace Fellow from Israel and her husband Gabe joined us at our first face to face meeting in 4 months. Maya told us of her early life, how she became a peace activist, and what brought her to this point in her life, studying peace and conflict resolution as a Rotary Peace Fellow.  We will be hearing more from Maya in the coming year or so, and welcome both Maya and Gabe to the Rotary Club of Cleveland.

Our new venue was a success - good food and service thanks to the students and parents of Cleveland District State High School.  It is very important for members to register attendance on the website, as numbers are limited in the current climate. Those who cannot attend in person will be able to attend via Zoom. Next meeting Tuesday 11th August at CDSHS.

Our social meeting on 4th August has been cancelled - so you have a night off. Why not contact Logan or another club that meets on a Tuesday, and Zoom into their meeting?


BBQ fun in the community

The team John, Gerry, Lyn, Steve & Shirley serving lunch to staff members of Redland City Water Department - missing from the photo are champion cooks Jan Kilbourne and Ian Crane. Hi praise received from the approx 30 staff members who eagerly ate every hamburger and sausage provided.

Business Breakfast with Steve Baxter

So satisfying to be working together with the Redland City Chamber of Commerce, organizing these Business Breakfasts, bringing our local business communiyt together. A good turnout of members and a presentation by PP Luis about Rotary contributed to the morning.  Please see the Photo gallery for a few photos from members in attendance.

Newest Cleveland Rotarian

Last night Pres. John welcomed Rotarian Helen Dundon as a member of the Rotary Club of Cleveland. As most members are aware, Helen has been coming for the last 3 years as a representative of Corporate Member Howe, Ford & Boxer, but has now joined as an individual member. Helen's ongoing support during the last 3 years with club activities, including going to Vanuatu with the team in January 2020, makes her a very valuable member of the club.  Welcome Helen!!

As a little background - Helen has had good grounding in the Rotary Club of Cleveland, being a member of the Benfer family, coming to Rotary events as a child with her father and grandfather, and as a host sister to our PP Luis when he was here as an exchange student from Brazil.

International work continues, despite COVID-19

Another container packed for shipping to Lae PNG. 149 school desks, 170 chairs, books, medical items, books, reading glasses, tools just to mention some of the items in the container. Cleveland Rotary has already completely furnished a school for over two hundred disadvantaged children with desks, chairs, books, library shelving plus other items. Many thanks to John Lipman, Clive Shepherd, Helen Dundon, Anna and David Bray. These items will go to schools in other areas outside Lae in Morobe Province.

Spring Garden Trailer Raffle - almost done!

In all our selling we keep in mind COVID-19 warnings and the health of our members, so your support in promoting the online sales is very important to the success of the project.  We need YOUR Help now - please see the roster in Events and Notices below, choose a date or two where you or your partner can help by selling tickets. We only have 2 slots available for you to fill - both at Capalaba Park Shopping Centre - the busiest shopping centre in the Redlands, so we are hoping for good sales there.


Spring Garden Trailer Raffle - halfway there!

The Queensland Health Department COVID-19 restrictions hit us this week, and the decision was made to cancel our stand at the markets on Sunday and Tuesday this week. The trailer can only be displayed at the markets, so this restricts our selling opportunities. We have a couple of weeks where we are competing with Legacy and Cancer Council for space in shopping centres, and also very mindful of the latest COVID-19 warnings and the health of our members, so your support in promoting the online sales is very important to the success of the project.  We need YOUR Help now - please see the roster in Events and Notices below, choose a date or two where you or your partner can help by selling tickets. The shopping centres are inside, you will be seated in pleasant surroundings and have the chance to chat with people from our community. 


Meetings, raffles etc.

A very busy couple of weeks has seen our 2nd meeting at Cleveland District State High School - another successful evening, with Peter Pollock, Redcity Roar Basketball, talking to us about the development of basketball in our area. The BBQ trailer has been put to good use, and Peter also offered us a chance to sell tickets for the trailer raffle last Saturday night. Great opportunities for the club to be out and about in the community in a COVID safe way.  The results of the ticket sales at the Crazy Day Market, Sunday markets and the shopping centres is going well - more helpers needed so please check the rosters and see if you can assist.



Spring Garden Trailer Raffle - On sale Now!

The trailer is out and about in the community - we have had it on display at Cleveland Markets and Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre this week, and the ticket sales have gone well. It is at Victoria Point, near Coles, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday this week. We need YOUR Help now - please see the roster below and in Notices, choose a date or two where you or your partner can help by selling tickets. The shopping centres are inside, you will be seated in pleasant surroundings and have the chance to chat with people from our community. We now have the loan of an umbrella and stand for the markets, so the sellers will have shade.


Kiunga, PNG

Anore, of Kiunga, showing off clothes made in the village sewing room, created from a container, using sewing machines sent previously - possibly in that container.  Great use is made of equipment we send to PNG, and another Wish List has been received from Bishop Gilles. The photo below is Margaret, who is deaf & mute, but can lip read very well, and has learnt to sew since the sewing machines were donated to her village. Thanks to Albert for his ongoing support for these communities in PNG.


144 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 76 - 100