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Garden Party

Social events are an important part of our club activities, and none more important and more fun that the annual Garden Party, thanks to our wonderful hosts Alison and Albert Benfer.  This year's party organised by our delightful Luciana, pictured here with Debbie Marer and Cynthia Archer. A lovely afternoon, after a day of rain, lots of friends to chat with and plenty of delicious food to share. More photos in the Gallery.

New Board for 2020-2021

Club Rotarian of the Year 2018-2019, PP John Simpson has stepped up to lead the club once more in 2020-2021. Supporting John will be Vice President PP Ian Crane, IPP Luis Carneiro, Secretary PP John Lipman, Treasurer PP Robin Archer and President Elect 2021-2022 PP Robert Wesener.  The AGM was then adjourned due to the Auditor's Report not being available (a major software problem with the online Reckon accounts having to be rebuilt by Reckon). Once these are available, the AGM will be recalled, the Audited reports presented and 6 Directors will be then elected as per the By-Laws of the club.  Thanks to John and this very experienced team for taking the lead for the next year.

Inspirational Services Award 2019

In a joint collaboration with the Redland Coast Chamber of Commerce, we had the privilege of presenting the inaugural Rotary Club of Cleveland Inspirational Services Award 2019, at the 2019 Redland  Business and Retail Awards Gala Ceremony. A wonderful evening at Sheldon College on November 24th, with 760 attendees.

The finalists for our Award were 2 remarkable institutions from our Redland community:

 Men's Shed and MyHorizon   

and the winners were...

Men’s Shed  

and we were extremely glad to see their representatives’ delight with the award.

Rod MacDonald and Roy Dean received their award from President Luis Carneiro


NBN Explained

It appeared last night that the majority of our members have already switched to NBN, however judging by the level of questions fired at Keir Tierney, Community Ambassador for NBN, following his very informative presentation, there are still lots of issues that people wish to clarify. According to Keir, we should all be connected within 18 months, so if you have had your initial letter, contact your supplier and start your research to make sure you get what you want in the way of internet and phone services. If you have other devices besides phone and internet - e.g. medical alerts, security systems etc., don't forget to include those in your research and setting up your new plan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Pres. Luis' Mystery evening to finish off our meetings for 2019 was a great success at Bacchus Brewery. Lots of terrific locally brewed ales, delicious pizza and ribs. Pres. Luis wished all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   Our next meeting is January 14, 2020 at Ormiston House - don't forget to register your attendance or apology on the website by Friday Jan 10th to allow for catering.

Please see the Photo Gallery for more snaps from last night.

2020 Here we are! Greetings and farewells

YEP Grandparents Albert & Alison Benfer farewelled Gabriel Ciriello Carneiro as he heads off to Italy on his exchange, having greeted his father Luis as their YEP son 30 years ago. If you wish to see Gabriel off - be at the airport 11.45am Friday 17th January.

Our first meeting at Ormiston House was a tremendous success, huge thanks to Robin & Cynthia Archer for their wonderful catering - best meal the club has had for years!! We welcomed partners and guests, Mayor Karen spoke about progress over the last year in the Redlands Coast; Gabriel talked about his upcoming trip; Luis mentioned the Bushfire Appeal garage sale that is in the planning stages. The venue was beautiful, and guides were on hand to show us through the house, managing to condense a normal 1 hr tour into 20 minutes, thanks ladies.

Photos are loaded into the Photo Gallery - album 2020 Meetings Jan to June - Ormiston House 14 January.


Rotary Club of Cleveland Board 2020-2021

Our club has some very experienced Rotarians to lead the club for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year.

President: PP John Simpson

Vice President: PP Ian Crane

Immediate Past President: Luis Filardi

President Elect: PP Robert Wesener

Secretary: PP John Lipman

Treasurer: PP Robin Archer

Board Members: Geoffrey Gray, Ishbel Taylor, Yu-Min Sun, PP Peter Marer

Time now to think about how we can contribute to the club over the next few years, what our goals are and how we will support the Board to achieve those goals.                                   

Container arrives in Kiunga

There is always a need for educational and medical goods that are sent to PNG and islands through DIK. Albert Benfer has funded several containers to areas of need, and recently shipped one to Kiunga, in PNG. We have now been advised that this container has arrived in Kiunga. The School Board Chairman is excited to receive new tools and equipment to help in educating the young people to help themselves. In an email to Albert through his contacts, he expressed his great thanks for the donation to the school.

I am sure Cosmas will send me photos of the boys delivering the tools via road, boat and foot to Kungim. (These will be added to the Photo Gallery as they become available.)

As you know, Ed Hendy instructed Sonya to send his entire tools to PNG, these are at Kungim, also James Pollock sent most of his tools which are also in the Vocational Education center.  Many thanks for these useful tools.


Barefoot Bowls Night

A fun social night of bowls, food and refreshments at the Cleveland Sharks Bowls Club on March 10th. Make it a date with your friends, get your teams together - see the full details under March 10th Meeting listing at the RHS of the screen.

Vanuatu Library trip

Several of our members, John Simpson, John Lipman, Greg Watson, Helen Dundon & daughter, YEP student Theri, Clive Shepherd are in Vanuatu with Chappie Neale Collier setting up 3 libraries in village schools in Vanuatu. Great work guys, we look forward to your reports on your return.  More photos loaded into the Photo Gallery - album 2020 Vanuatu Library Project



Redland Citizen of the Year 2020

Mayor Karen Williams on Thursday night announced that our very own John Simpson has been awarded Redland Citizen of the Year. Nominated by the Rotary Club of Cleveland, most of our members will be aware that John is very active in many areas within Rotary and the community - Circle of Men, Redlands Cancer Council, Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club among many others. In an interview with Karen, John said he has been volunteering for 50 years, starting in a Lions Club, he has been in Rotary for 35 of those, 22 in Cleveland club. We all know John's passion for working with youth and and also with the elderly in the community in many ways.  Congratulations John from all your fellow Rotarians, this award is well deserved.


Recent Club Meetings & Activities

We had a wonderful night on 29th October, when we celebrated Theri's 16th birthday, heard about the experiences of Amy Smith, Global Grant Scholar, working with Indigenous peoples in Canada and Australia, and we also welcomed guests from Brazil, Argentina and Kenya.


Last Week in Cleveland Rotary

This last week has been another busy one in the Cleveland Rotary Club, with discussions, plans for upcoming events and working with DIK. 

What a terrific talk Clive Shepherd gave us about his experience with RYTS (Rotary Youth Transition Seminar) - one of our signature youth programs that Clive has become rather passionate about. From arriving feeling that he was really too old for this sort of thing, to leaving with the feeling that he can't wait to return next year with a new bunch of young people ready to experiece RYTS. RYTS takes young people in their final shcool years, and they spend a week basically learning to have confidence to face the world ahead of them, courage to believe in themselves, and have lots of fun in the process. Talk to Clive about his experience - I have only spent a day there a couple of years ago, and was amazed and impressed with the results.


AITC and Offgrid boxes

Toni Banfield and David Breeze from Australian Industry Trade College - Redlands updated us on the progress of this college, just down the road from the RSL.  Students from Years 10-12 complete their education, gaining their Certificate of Education, whilst also learning a trade, readying them for the workforce. We are developing a strong relationship with the college, and some students will be coming to DIK next Thursday to assist with packing the latest container to go to Watut, Bulolo Parish PNG. Any Rotarians who are available, would be most welcome to come and assist on Thursday 13th, in the morning. Please contact Albert if you can spare a couple of hours to pack school desks, chairs and books.

A very interesting and informative Members Corner, with Gavin Becker, started our night, talking about Offgrid Boxes. Check out to get the full story, but basically these innovative boxes can provide  enough electricity and access to water for a village of up to 1000 people. What a wonderful resouorce this would be in disaster areas, as well as much of the world where people are forced to live off grid.


QYAC and new member

Elisha Kissick gave us an very interesting and informative background and update on the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Corporation, and their plans for the future of tourism and life on Minjerribah - Straddie to most of us still. She was supported by Katrina Beutel who is working with QYAC as well. To see the development that has taken place since before the land was returned to the Quandamooka people, the current position and future plans was exciting. A great future on our doorstep, and we need to get involved in whatever way we can to work collaboratively with QYAC. Whale watching tours, education of young people for entry into the workforce, cultural education for tourists and locals, retraining people made redundant due to the closure of the mines, rangers for maintaining the cultural and environmental heritage, setting up a new cafe using young people retrained on the island, Minjerribah camping, plans for a myriad of new eco-toruism developments. What wonderful ideas can our members come up with to work with QYAC into the future?

Also, it was a real pleasure to welcome Bev Shields as a member of Cleveland Rotary - classification Nursing - Retired. As Peter pointed out in the induction, this is the first nursing related member we have had - maybe more in the future? Bev will join the Membership Committee for the remainder of this year, and put her experience in people management and education to good use I am sure. In other times you will see Bev also working at Redland Museum as a volunteer in many roles as required.

Another container for PNG

Another container heading to Lae very shortly for All Saints Elementary School and Mary Queen Primary School - desks, chairs, books, water bottles and warm jackets (ex motor racing event) for the people in Watut in Bulolo Parish - high country where it does get cold in the winter. As usual these meet the needs specified by Bishop Rozario.

This time, on Thursday 20th Feb, we had tremendous help from some students from Australian Industry Trade College in packing the container - many thanks to David Breeze and Lee Stone for organising and brining the boys out.What a tremendous group of young men they were, willing to help and so courteous and polite in every way. They are keen to return to do more in this area, which is great for DIK as much help is needed there.

Albert celebrated his 83rd birthday with us that day - what else does a passionate Rotarian do on his 83rd birthday?? 



Memories of Vanuatu, a new member & the Hon. Robin Archer

PE John Simpson led a group discussion about members and friends involvement in the Library Project in Santis, Vanuatu. They talked about how much they enjoyed and appreciated the experience and how grateful and delighted the children were with their new books. Our Exchange Student, Theri was so grateful for the experience as she never thought that she would visit a Paciic Island. For more photos see the Photo Gallery.


IPP Jan Kilbourne also inducted Victoria Meyers, classification Senior Care. Victoria has joined the Membership Committee. Welcome to the Mighty Club Victoria!.


Tim's caravan ..and DIK

Members Corner never fails to bring us some surprising, informative aspect of the life of a fellow Rotarian. Last Week Tim told us about being very disappointed that he could not purchase the caravan he wanted, so he built his own. As a skilled craftsman, the results were terrific, and Tim and Merle will be enjoying some wonderful holidays in their new caravan.

As most members are aware, there has been some problems with our wonderful service - Donations in Kind Northern Region over the last 12-18 months. On Sunday 1st March a workshop was held at DIK in Kingston, to brainstorm the future direction of this vital service.


District 9620 Governor Nominee Designate


Notification of Nominee for District 9620 Governor 2022-23

The District Nominating Committee for the District Governor for Rotary District 9620 interviewed eligible candidates for the position of District Governor of our District 9620 on Saturday 7th March 2020.

The decision reached at the meeting is that Tim Keeler of the Rotary Club of Logan has been selected as our Governor for the Rotary Year 2022-23

Virus Spreads via Petrol Pumps

Tips for Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety


A Corona Virus Message

First Zoom meeting

Last night we had our first Zoom meeting, with 26 people in attendance - well done! Hope to see more of you next week (Robin is to be congratulated - he wore his bowtie - but did he have his pants on????).  Maybe next week we can all put up a virtual background - let's see where in the world we have been.

Pres. Luis outlined some of the world wide statistics of Corona Virus, particularly in relation to Italy, where Gabriel is quarantined with his host family. Anna reports that Theri has moved to Judy Holland's home in Raby Bay, and is doing fine under the circumstances. No inbound or outbound students have had to return home, all safe and well with their respective hosts.

Ideas for activities, projects we can do while this crisis runs it's course - send you ideas to Luis, share them with fellow Rotarians. Send articles etc. to John Simpson for the Redlander, or to Elwyn or Shirley for the website.

Have a great week everyone. Now more than ever, practice Service Above Self.

144 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 51 - 75